NO Carl Levin!… Lincoln Was Not A Quitter… You Are!

Now democrats are proposing that Abraham Lincoln would somehow support their embarrassing stand on the War on Terror!


Carl Levin today stooped to a new low linking the democrat’s horrible actions during the current War on Terror, and specifically their sorry support for the Iraq War, with one of the greatest Republicans and non-quitters in this nation’s history!


That is just grotesque and ugly- even for a weak-on-security liberal democrat.
From today’s Washington Post:

President Bush recently vetoed a bill I helped draft because it would have required him to begin reducing U.S. force levels in Iraq within four months. In the wake of that veto, calls from those who want Congress to try to stop funding the war have grown louder.

Today, some of us are facing the same dilemma that Lincoln faced: Do you fund the troops fighting a war that you oppose?

I voted against going to war in Iraq; I have consistently challenged the administration’s conduct of the war;

You don’t say!

And, I have long fought to change our policy there. But I cannot vote to stop funding the troops while they are in harm’s way, conducting dangerous missions such as those recently begun north of Baghdad.

Sadly, your party leaders Hillary and Barak are not with you on that one!

I agree with Lincoln, who decided “that the Administration had done wrong in getting us into the war, but that the Officers and soldiers who went to the field must be supplied and sustained at all events.” As long as our nation’s policies put them there, our troops should hear an unequivocal message from Congress that we support them.

That shouldn’t be a cause for frustration among those of us who want to bring the war to a prompt and responsible end.

If you want to read the rest of that nonsense, go ahead.
If you want some truth, HERE:

The democrats may have been just as nasty to Lincoln during the Civil War days as they are to Bush today; they may have insisted the sacrifices were too great; they may have met secretly with the enemy; But… They had a bigger cahunas than the bunch leading Congress today!

Carl Levin ought to be ashamed.
But, he won’t be.
Thank God for George W. Bush!

Update: RedState has more on Levin’s disgusting antics.

Being a quitter is one thing… Invoking the name of Lincoln while quitting is quite another!

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