Newt Gingrich & Citizen's United Lash Out at Amnesty Bill

Newt Gingrich and Citizens United released an immigration commercial today that will be playing on cable television channels nationwide.

You may view the ad HERE.
You can help keep this ad playing by donating HERE.

Citizens United today released it’s latest commercial featuring Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich which is embedded below. The Former Speaker criticized the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill that is pending in the Senate. The ad was produced by Citizens United President David Bossie and is slated to run on cable television nationwide beginning Wednesday as part of a significant national ad buy aimed at demonstrating citizen opposition to the bill.

“The new McCain-Kennedy bill is a grave threat to America’s national security and the rule of law. Almost six years after 9/11, Congress is failing to secure America’s borders. This bill does nothing to distinguish between a terrorist, gang member, or migrant worker crossing our border. Legalizing millions of illegal workers rewards cheaters and makes our laws irrelevant. The outcome will be disastrous if Congress doesn’t listen to the American people,” said David Bossie.

Here’s the number to call to voice your disapproval for the bill:

Meanwhile… Trent Lott says something like illegal aliens are like goats and need to be shocked.

And… Michelle Malkin has the latest on this very unpopular piece of legislation.
Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) is planning on making a statement today on the bill.

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