Muslim Convicted of Raping Elderly Mother For Reading Bible

The Aussie Muslim man raped the mother of 13 twice after he discovered she was reading a Bible.

Convicted rapist Abdul Reda al Shawany. / The Daily Telegraph
He saw her interest in the Bible as an insult to Islam:

IT TOOK a jury just half an hour yesterday to convict a man of the rape of a Muslim woman as punishment for her reading the Bible.

Abdul Reda Al Shawany, 52, was found guilty by a jury at Campbelltown District Court of two counts of rape on the elderly mother of 13.

The court was told Al Shawany had seen the interest by his victim, then a Muslim, in the Bible and Christianity as an “insult” to Islam.


The case stunned Sydney when details emerged that Al Shawany had lured his victim to his Warwick Farm unit in September 2002 by claiming he had news of her family in her war-torn homeland.

He then raped her twice – telling her when he had finished “well let your Christ benefit you”.

The victim converted to Christianity after the attack.

She cannot be identified because of fears she will be the target of further violence as a reprisal for her conversion and for going to the police .

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