The “20 Beheaded Bodies” Story…

…Is Bogus!

Strategy Page nailed it today explaining how the current Anti-Bush, Anti-American, Anti-Iraq War mainstream media is reporting news as if they are an enemy of the United States.


NOW- Here comes further proof…
Via Instapundit

Confederate Yankee finds another TOTALLY FABRICATED STORY reported by the mainstream media from Iraq.


The Multi-National Forces Iraq are now reporting after looking into the story that Confederate Yankee brought to their attention:

June 30, 2007
Release A070630c

Extremists using false media reporting to incite sectarian violence

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Friday, news media reported a mass killing in a village near Salman Pak where 20 men were allegedly found beheaded. It now appears that the story was completely false and fabricated by unknown sources.

Upon learning of the press reports, coalition and Iraqi officials began investigating to determine if the reports were true. Ultimately it was concluded the reports were false.

Anti-Iraqi Forces are known for purposely providing false information to the media to incite violence and revenge killings, and they may well have been the source of this misinformation.

“Extremists promote falsehoods of mass killings, collateral damage and other violence specifically to turn Iraqis against other Iraqis,” said Rear Admiral Mark Fox, spokesperson for MNF-I. “Unfortunately, lies are much easier to state, the truth often takes time to prove,” said Fox.

Not all media reports can be immediately substantiated by Government of Iraq or Coalition Forces. They must go through a process to verify such claims, to include checking with various Iraqi Ministry’s, local police and security forces. Meanwhile, extremists have achieved their goal of spreading false information aimed at intimidating civilians and destabilizing Iraqi security.

Ultimately, media reporting based on verifiable sources will reduce the possibility of misinformation unnecessarily alarming citizens.

Using verifiable sources?… That’s a little too much to expect from today’s media, Sir.

Meanwhile… In what will probably not make many headlines- 26 Iranian Backed “Secret Cell” Operatives Killed, 17 Captured in Sadr City

Ace- This is a completely false and fabricated story.

UPDATE: Apparently, the media is making a habit out of reporting these bogus decapitation stories.

And… Michael Yon shows you images of Al-Qaeda’s evil work in Iraq.

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