Lech Walesa Calls Chavez a Hypocrite Who Will Have to Pay

Walesa says Chavez will pay.

In this photo provided by Peru’s Government press office, Peru’s President Alan Garcia, left, embraces Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former Polish President Lech Walesa in Lima, Thursday, June 21, 2007. Walesa was honored Thursday in Peru, where he called Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez a hypocrite. (AP Photo/Dante Zegarra,HO)

Democracy activist and Former President of Poland Lech Walesa lashed out at Hugo Chavez during a recent trip to Peru.
El Universal reported:

President Hugo Chávez is “a demagogue and populist” who eventually “will have to pay for what he has done,” Thursday said former Polish President and Nobel Peace Price Laureate Lech Walesa, who is visiting the Peruvian capital city of Lima.

In a news conference in the headquarters of the Foreign Press Association in Peru (APEP), Walesa stated that Venezuela is facing a situation of injustice on which demagogues and populists are capitalizing, AFP reported.

“I believe Chávez is a huge demagogue and populist who says one thing and does a quite different thing. He likes giving away what does not belong to him and tries to take advantage of people’s dissatisfaction,” he added.

“So far he has been successful, but the time of truth shall come and he will have to pay for what he has done,” Walesa added.

Meanwhile… On Sunday Chavez urged his followers to prepare for guerrilla-style war against the United States.

Sugiero has the latest on Hugo.

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