Lebanon Catches Terrorists Linked to Al Qaeda AND Syrian Regime

The captured Al Qaeda-linked terrorists in Lebanon confessed to having direct links to Syrian President Assad’s brother-in-law, Gen. Asef Shawkat.

The captueed Al-Qaeda terrorists in Lebanon were planning attacks on UN and foreign diplomats- The Daily Star.

Fugitive leader of of Fatah al Islam Shaker Youssef al Absi (Ya Libnan)

Lebanese officials are holding a terrorists who is the coordinating officer between Syria and Al Qaeda.
Ya Libnan reported:


According to LBC TV, Lebanon’s “major catch” has revealed that he is the coordinating officer between the Syrian intelligence and Fatah al-Islam terrorists.

His name has finally been disclosed as Ahmad Merhi.

Security sources said Ahmad Merhi confessed to smuggling fighters into Lebanon from Syria via illegal crossing points in the Bekaa and North Lebanon.

Sources said that Lebanon security found him at a hotel suite in Beirut’s district of Ashrafiyeh last week.

The “very dangerous terrorist,” according to the source, had crossed into Lebanon “illegally” overland from neighboring Syria to follow up with Fatah al-Islam terrorists, who are besieged in the northern refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared.

The suspect who pretended to be a national of an oil-rich Arab country, used forged Lebanese identity cards, one of which identified him as Hagop, an Armenian name.

“He also had 12 forged travel documents, including British, Arab and Latin American passports,” added the source who asked not to be identified.

He said Fatah al-Islam terrorists arrested in north Lebanon “told investigators of the suspect’s moves and revealed important information which led to his arrest.”

He disclosed that within the framework of the crackdown of Fatah al-Islam terrorists police officers had “confiscated at several hideouts six scanning machines used to forge passports, identity cards and other documents.”

“Such forgeries are almost perfect and the fake documents, especially passports, can be discovered only by the respective nations’ authorities. So these terrorists do not use them in the nations of issue,” he explained.

Upon raiding the suspect’s hotel suite, police officers confiscated “maps, pictures and a list of selected targets for terrorist attacks in Lebanon,” the source said

…The source explained that al-Qaida is “no more a solid-structure network. Many of its ranking members have joined several intelligence agencies and are used to infiltrate, control and direct local Qaida-inspired fanatics to carry out attacks that serve the interests of these intelligence agencies.”

Fatah al-Islam, the source added, “is one of such local groups. Its members are inspired by al-Qaida ideology, but its attacks are directed by Syrian intelligence officers.

Across the Bay has been following this stunning development and reports:

The Kuwaiti al-Ra’i al-‘Aam quotes security sources in Lebanon as saying that a Lebanese member of Fateh al-Islam, Muhammad Mer’i, who was arrested, has provided information that his brother Ahmad, the “liaison” who was arrested, was “in direct contact with Gen. Asef Shawkat,” Bashar’s brother-in-law and head of military intelligence in Syria.

Gen. Asef Shawkat, Bashir Assad’s brother-in-law is the main coordinator in charge of transferring fighters through Syria.

From Beirut to the Beltway has much more on the links between the Syrian Assad Regime and Al-Qaeda.

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