Jose Maria Aznar: "Chávez Seeks Alliance With Radical Islamism"

WOW!… Former Spanish Prime Minister and current democracy and freedom activist Jose Maria Aznar lashed out at Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez for aligning his country with radical Islamists!
Right on!

This is a recent poster from a rally in Tehran showing members of the “Alliance for Justice” – Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega.
El Universal reported:

Former head of the Spanish government José María Aznar reasserted his criticisms against leftwing Latin American governments deemed as populists, and accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez of hammering a “counter-system” alliance to web links with radical Islamism.

Aznar’s comments came late Tuesday in Mexico, AFP reported.

“Populism is spreading at an alarming pace over several countries in the Americas. There is no hope in these faked alternatives, as they will not free anyone, they will not improve the conditions of anyone,” he added.

On Tuesday Aznar criticized Venezuelan ruler Hugo Chávez and the Cuban government, calling them populist and accusing them of pushing their countries to marginalization.

Jose Maria Aznar also met with Marcel Granier, the head of Radio Caracas TV (RCTV), while in Mexico City promoting democracy and freedom in Latin and South America. Granier said after meeting with Aznar that he may air programmes into Venezuela from Mexico.

MORE… Venezuela New and Views says Chavez is going bonkers over the recent statements against his dictatorship.

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