Jesse Jackson Jr. Earmarks $231,000 to Staff Member!

An Airport to Nowhere…
** Jesse Jackson Jr. “Staff Member” Gains $231,000 from Earmark! **

Well, why not?
Perspectives of the Right website reports:

According to the list of earmarks in the Committee Report for the Financial Services Appropriations Bill, the very first request listed is from Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) for the ”Abraham Lincoln National Airport Commission.”

Sounds noble doesn’t it?… Until you realize that it’s for an airport that doesn’t exist, run by a congressional staffer on Rep. Jackson’s payroll.

According to its website, the Airport Commission “has a mandate from its members to plan, develop, finance, construct and operate a commercial airport with passenger and cargo facilities near University Park, Illinois.” In short, the Commission is dedicated to developing a third airport in the Chicago area.

Specifically, this earmark would direct $231,000 – taken from taxpayers’ pockets across America – for “Minority and Small Business Development and Procurement Opportunities.” It seems rather curious that an airport that doesn’t yet exist would need to develop opportunities for minorities & small businesses.

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It is impossible to know the reason behind each of the 32,000+ earmarks that have been requested this year. According to its own website, the Executive Director of the Lincoln Airport Commission is Richard Bryant.

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According to Housnet (internal house server) and the Congressman’s Official House website, (and several other websites) Rick Bryant is on the staff of Rep. Jesse Jackson., a website that tracks congressional staff and salaries, lists Richard Bryant as the Deputy District Administrator for Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

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