Iran Continues Its Courtship With Anti-American Leftists

Former Bolivian Congressman and Ambassador Jose Brechner warned of the courtship of radical Islam with Central-South American Leftists in a discussion this past week at the Democracy and Security Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

Jose Brechner divulged that the first ever Iranian Ambassador to Bolivia is seen out in public often with Hugo Chavez lackey and Bolivian Marxist President Evo Morales.

Jose Brechner wrote about this back in September 2006:


Today’s contradictory, democratic leftwing, in its abundant ignorance, praises and encourages them irresponsibly, without realizing that they are committing suicide, because Islam is particularly intolerant of the liberal philosophy preached by the leftists.

Today witnessed another intimate moment of the Leftist-Radical Islamic courtship.
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega made a historic trip to Tehran to strengthen ties with the radical Islamic Regime in Iran.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega spoke with the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei during his stop today in Tehran.
Fars News Reported on Ortega’s trip:

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said here on Sunday that his visit to Tehran indicated the start of a new chapter in the expansion of the two countries’ relations.

Speaking to reporters upon his arrival at Tehran’s Mehrabad airport where he was welcomed by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Ortega said that his trip to Tehran prompts the start of a new chapter in Tehran-Managua extensive cooperation.

“Throughout its history, our country has witnessed problems which have been imposed by the United States , and we are now pursuing the goal of eradicating hunger, poverty and unemployment,” he said.

“A nation which has learnt how to wage struggle and resist, is full of hope of a better tomorrow,” Ortega said, and further expressed the hope that the world would witness real justice and democracy for all nations.

…Also noting the revolutionary and independence-seeking struggles of the Latinos, Ortega stressed the need for enhanced solidarity among countries, and called on Latin countries and nations to make enhanced efforts to lay the required grounds for unity and solidarity.

He further viewed the present conditions as proper for putting an end to the unipolar world order and instead establishment of a new world order.

“We can now establish a new world order and develop relations among governments and states and reach a peaceful world,” the Nicaraguan president underlined.

Also pointing to the opposition shown by certain US officials to his visit to Tehran, he reminded, “When we were choosing our friends, we did not ask for their permission, and in our talks with the United States I proclaimed my stances very transparently and told them that our relations should be based on mutual respect.”

Also, it was reported today that the 12th session of Iran-Cuba Joint Economic Commission will be held on June 13-14 in Havana.

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