Hillary Implicated In "Largest Election Law Fraud in History"

(Updated With Photos)

Hillary Clinton and Peter Paul on that infamous night. (Flickr)

Free Republic
World Net Daily
Michelle Malkin
Equal Justice Foundation

… are reporting this breaking news on the largest election law fraud in US history involving Hillary Clinton. What makes this so devastating to the Clintons is the videotaped evidence (posted at EJFA and MM) that was released just this week.


The cast…

A group photo of the intermediaries between Peter Paul and Bill and Hillary Clinton. L to R David Rosen, Jim Levin, Kelly Craighead, Aaron Tonken. All are defendants in Paul’s civil suit agiant the Clintons except for Craighead. Craighead worked for Hillary. (Flickr)

So, just how big is this?
John Armor, Election Law Expert at Equal Justice Foundation, says Hillary is involved in the largest election law fraud in US history:

John Armor is a Federal Election Law expert, counsel for former Presidential Candidates Eugene McCarthy, John Anderson and amicus curae for George Bush 2000.

The Player…

Peter Paul led a small VIP contingent to welcome the Clintons to the Gala he underwrote and produced August 12, 2000 (Flickr)

Doug from Upland at Free Republic explains the case:

Hillary helped solicit and coordinate the Gala. Over $1.6 million was a hard money donation from its inception. It was illegal from its inception. It is the largest campaign finance fraud in history. Journalists, I hope that has been helpful. We have done much of your work for you. Write the damn story!

More photos from the “largest election fraud party in history”:
Look who’s here…

Cher sings If I Could Turn Back Time while the Clintons join in clapping because Hillary refused to hold Bill’s hand! (Flickr)

As part of his strategy to show Hollywood supported Hillary Clinton through the Gala, Paul invited numerous well known celebrities and artists who attended as his guest, not to support Hillary Tthe media assumed, and reported, that they were all present to support Hillary. Top- Gregory Peck, Middle-Carol Burnett, Bottom- Jesse Jackson, Kelly Preston and John Travolta, right-Cher.

The New York Post provided the only pictorial coverage of Rosen indictment. (Flickr)
Finally- Here is a slideshow of the event.

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