Here's What You Miss From the MSM- Real Progress In Iraq

In case you were wondering…
The goal of U.S. security strategy in Iraq is to develop the Iraqis’ capacity to security their country while carrying out a campaign to defeat the terrorists and neutralize the insurgency. (DOD)

And, despite the reports from the biased media, real progress is taking place in Iraq.

A map of Iraq from just one year ago in -June 2006. (DOD)

The current map –June 2007– of Iraq shows Iraqis controlling operations in 7 out of 18 Iraqi provinces. (Defense link)


In order for a Province to have a transfer form MNF-Iraq to Iraqi Control it must meet four criteria:

Threat Level: U.S. and Iraqi commands examine the threats to the security of a province. If Iraqi Provincial authorities can ensure security and domestic order through the normal use of local police, the province is ready for transfer.

Iraqi Security Forces: The Iraqi Security Forces in the province are studied to determine if their training, equipment and capability are capable of protecting Iraqi citizens.

Governance: The governor must be capable of overseeing security operations. A Joint Operations Room must be capable of coordinating activities. An Iraqi Ministry of Defense and Iraqi Ministry of the Interior intelligence structure must support the Iraqi Police.

Multi National Force – Iraq: MNF-I must be capable of reinforcing Iraqi Security Forces if necessary. Coalition Forces will continue to help coordinate civil reconstruction projects. MNF-I will conduct activities in conjunction with the policies of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

A Jacksonian has the latest on the “Operation Phantom Thunder” offensive from reports coming out of Iraq.

Michael Yon has encouraging news on “Operation Arrowhead Ripper” now in progress.

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