Former Official Discloses Islamist Infiltration of Bolivia (Video)

Former Bolivian Congressman and Ambassador Jose’ Brechner discloses information on the recent infiltration of Bolivia by radical Islamists from Iran, Libya and other Middle Eastern nations.

Jose’ Brechner divulges that the first ever Iranian Ambassador to Bolivia is seen out in public often with Bolivian Marxist President Evo Morales. Brechner also fears there is a civil war in the making as Morales continues to push his totalitarian platform on the polarized nation. And, in the background, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez contines to ship arms to his Bolivian lackey.

The popular Bolivian politician, Jose’ Brechner, fled Bolivia due to safety concerns.
He gave this interview while on break at the Democracy & Security Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Brechner was a panelist at the two day conference of dissidents and international democracy activists.
His bio-page includes:

José Brechner is a former Bolivian Congressman and Ambassador (1985–1989), and a founding member of Accion Democratica Nacionalista. He was Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Bolivian Congress, and represented the country at several international forums, including the Organization for American States (OAS). During his tenure, he was nominated by all Bolivian media as the “Best Congressman.” He is an Op-Ed writer and political analyst, with articles published in journals worldwide. Mr. Brechner is an active defendant of private property, free market economy, and individual freedom and rights.

Jose Brechner continues to dedicate himself and his work to the people of Bolivia.


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