Egypt Frees Jailed Muslim Brotherhood Blogger

Egypt released a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and blogger Abdel Moneim Mahmoudon Saturday. He had been detained for 48 days.

The AP reported:

A Muslim Brotherhood blogger was released Saturday after a 45-day detention, but the crackdown against the group continued, with 51 Brotherhood members arrested in recent days, police said.

Abdel Moneim Mahmoud, 27, a well known blogger and correspondent for the London-based Al-Hewar Arabic TV Channel, and 23 others, mostly students, had been held since mid-April for being members of the banned group. The fellow detainees were also released Saturday, said the police, speaking on customary condition of anonymity.

Mahmoud’s release came amid a continued government crackdown against the Brotherhood in the lead up to June elections for the upper house of Parliament, known as the Shura Council, that will include candidates from the group.

Hat Tip Marinka

Egyptian blogger Noura Younis has been a supporter of Abdel Moneim Mahmoud and spoke extensively about his situation on World Press Freedom Day at the United Nations.

Kareem Nabil Soliman another Egyptian blogger who is not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is still imprisoned. Kareem was jailed last year for speaking out against the Mubarak regime.

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