Cut & Run Shocker! Dems Want to Flee Afghanistan, Too!

You could see this coming a mile away.
When the media and democrats have convinced the American public that we are losing a war when the actual ratio is 18 terrorists killed in combat for every allied soldier killed in Iraq.

Source: hat Tip: RTLM

Then you just knew it would only be a matter of time before democrats called to cut and run in Afghanistan, too.
Via The Hill:


When they won control of Congress in November, Democrats pressed their case to withdraw troops from Iraq and refocus on Afghanistan, but some are growing impatient with U.S. operations in Afghanistan as well.

A few congressional Democrats go so far as suggesting that the Pentagon should pull out of Afghanistan now, while others say that troop withdrawal will be addressed after the military is out of Iraq.

Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii), a senior defense authorizer, wants the U.S. out of Afghanistan immediately, calling operations there “futile” in trying to effect political change in a country with a tangled history.

You didn’t have to be a 2-year-old baby genious to see this one coming.

It doesn’t matter that the Taliban is admitting defeat. Look for their numbers to flee the fight in Afghanistan to continue to grow. Look for the media to continue to report ruin and defeat.

Powerline has more.

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