BUSTED: PBS Tells Producer Not To Hire Conservatives (Video)

This clip was captured during the special presentation on FOX News of Muslims Against Jihad , a program that was banned by PBS.

According to Frank Gaffney, a producer, PBS didn’t even deign to screen tonight’s program before rejecting it. Worse yet… is the blatant bias of PBS that was caught on tape. Producer Martyn Burke said this during the airing of the special on the liberal agenda at PBS:

The first thing they (PBS) told me- “Fire your partners… Because they are conservatives.”

Michelle Malkin spoke with Frank Gaffney, the producer of the documentary, at HotAir in May about the taxpayer-funded film that PBS continues to suppress.


And… Just think- your tax dollars that are paying for the salaries at this openly liberal organization!

Update: BG includes a couple of links discussing the bias at PBS HERE and HERE.
This video clip is also posted at YouTube HERE.

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