Australian Shepherd-Terrier Mix Votes in Three Elections

Duncan voted in 3 elections before officials started growling.
Duncan is an Australian shepherd-terrier mix.

He signed with a paw print.

Duncan is back in the doghouse. (KOMO)

A Washington State woman thought that voter registration requirements were too lax so she signed up her dog to vote. Her dog Duncan voted in 3 elections and signed each time with a paw print before officials caught on.
NWCN reported:


Jane Balogh thinks Washington’s voter registration requirements are too lax, making the voting system – even national security – vulnerable.

As a protest, she signed up her dog to vote.

“The only reason for doing this was to get a rise out of my politicians,” she said, “and to get some kind of response and for somebody to say ‘yes, the system is broken.'”

Registering Duncan, her dog, was easy.

First she called her phone company.

“All I did was call Qwest and say ‘my adopted son has moved in, could you put him on the phone bill?'” Balogh said.

Using that as proof of residency, she told a few fibs about age and citizenship and sent in the application.

Duncan received a voter registration card and got his first ballot for the primary election.

“I filled it out, signed it with a paw print, wrote ‘void’ across the front,” she said. “I didn’t fill in any bubbles, and mailed it in.”

She didn’t hear from authorities until after Duncan sent in bogus ballots in three elections.

“A county prosecutor and a King County detective came to the door,” she said. “And when they mentioned Duncan, I knew somebody was finally acting on this.”

If she pleads guilty to a misdemeanor of making false statements to a public official, she could get a fine and community service.

Sound Politics notes that if Duncan could write with a pen, he would still be a registered Washington voter.

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