Sunni & Shia Form Union in Iraqi Dialah Province to Fight Terrorists

Not everyone has given up on Iraq.
The Sunnis and Shia are working together in Dialah Province to rid the region of terrorists.

US soldiers secure the entrance of Baghdad’s al-Numan hospital in the restive al-Adhamiyah district of Baghdad, 01 May 2007. A packed field of US Republican presidential hopefuls vowed to pursue victory in Iraq and castigated anti-war Democrats, in their first head-to-head showdown of the 2008 campaign.(AFP/File/Wisam Sami)

The following is a translation of an article in Buratha News on May 5, 2007 by Iraqi-American Haider Ajina:

“Sunni & Shiite Dialah Provincial Assembly Members form a “Bolster Dialah” committee to battle terrorism”

The governor of Dialah province announced the formation of “the Committee to Bolster Dialah” to help monitor and coordinate the military and security operations to combat terrorisms. This committee has Shiite & Sunni provincial elected representatives (or assemblymen & women).

Dialah assemblyman Mu’aiad Al-Ubaidi said; ‘The committee is a security & political necessity due to the current conditions the province is experiencing. The committee has assembly members of the Shiite & Sunni parties. They are Faleh Al-Faiadh, Saliem Abdulah, Taha Dere’a Altaai, Najiha Abdul-Amir (female), Husam Alazawi, Taiseir Al-Mashhadani (female), Hadi Altimimi. Other members include leaders of Sunni & Shiite political parties as well as Dialah Tribal leaders. The duty of the committee is to coordinate with the ministries of interior and defense, and monitor military operations in the province. Help in providing the foundation of intelligence for the whereabouts of terrorist hideouts and their bases. This will help defeat the terrorists with minimal losses.

Assemblyman Al-Ubaidi added; ‘the committee has formed six subcommittees specializing in : Political, Security, press office, Executive, Public Services and Public Relations matters. The committee also formed local representatives in the Province’s cities, towns and villages to work with closely, to help collect sensitive information and intelligence about terrorist groups. This information is then forwarded to the military command center, as per instruction by the Prime Minster who is the commander in chief of the armed force.’

Iraqi Minister of National Security, Sharwan Alwaiily, said; ’He was very optimistic about the capability of this new committee, to bring together Tribal and Political groups in the province, to work together in support of the military operations for security and to defeat terrorism’. He added, ‘The national security executive committee has issued a directive to back up and support, monetarily and politically, this new direction the province is taking. The national security committee with fill any gaps in men or equipment needed.

Assemblyman Taha Dere’a Altaai said.’ The mostly Shiite villages of Al-Anbakah area in Dialah have fallen victim to terrorist attacks for ten days. They have been under attack by mortars and direct fire. This has resulted in the death of 16 martyrs including two women. These attacks are coming from Alsaid & Aljadedah areas. This is not a local conflict between Shiite and Sunni. This is war initiated by Alqaida against the locals Sunni and Shiite alike.

Altaai added, ‘local Sunnis from the tribes of Alizah, Alnidah, Beni Zaid, are cooperating and participating with their Shiite brethren from Al-Anbakah to combat terrorists. A spokes person for the Iraqi Army’s fifths division said that over 4000 locals have joined operations fighting against Alqaida in the Meqdadiah, Shahraban, Tahrier and Alkatoon areas. This forced the terrorists to take refuge in neighboring villages and using the locals as human shields.

Haider Ajina comments:


Dialah province is 6,828 sq mi, and has a population of approximately 1.3 million mostly Sunni with large communities of Shiite and Kurds. It is Northeast of Baghdad and has a long border with Iran. It is mostly agriculture. Its capital of Baqubah has been a trouble spot, not as bad as Anbar province though. This ethnically mixed province is a good example of Iraqis working together to stabilize their towns, cities and villages.

As the assemblyman says it is not Shiite vs. Sunni or Kurd. It is Alqaida and the former Baathists destabilizing the province. When bombs go off in Markets they do not discriminate between Shiite, Sunni Kurd etc.. They kill and wound indiscriminately. The bomb attacks in Baghdad are a prime example of this. Baghdad is by far the largest city in Iraq. Baghdad city province is only 283 sq mi and has a population of 6.4 million, about five million of whom live in the city itself. This makes Baghdad the highest concentration of all of Iraqi religious sects, ethnic groups etc… Thus most bombs in Baghdad affect all Iraqi sects and ethnic groups. From listening to interviews by the press of Baghdadis after a Bombing, it is evident that the locals feel that way also. Those interviewed say ‘the perpetrators of the bombings are not fighting for the freedom of Iraq or the Iraqis. The perpetrators are killing and wounding citizens indiscriminately and want nothing but instability and misery for the Iraqis’.

If true sectarian war existed we would have constant attacks in Karbala, Nejaf, Samara and Sunni Mosques. Constant and continual attacks on these sensitive sights are obviously not happening. In discriminate attacks on innocent civilians in open public places are the majority of the activities of Alqaida & the Baathists. Their efforts to set Sunni, Shiite and Kurd against each other is failing and failing miserably. This is especially evident in the ethnically mixed province of Dialah and the sharp reduction in ethnic violence in Baghdad. As the numbers of the Iraqis we train to take over more and more of the security responsibilities, and as our numbers increase, to provide better on the ground protection against these terrorists, stability and security will dominate the scene and give this new democracy and the rule of law the ability to allow Iraqis to enjoy them.

Haider Ajina

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