Student Bomber Arrested Ahead of Falwell Funeral

Mark David Uhl was arrested last night on charges of manufacturing explosive devices.

ABC News reported that the 19-year-old told authorities he was making the bombs to stop liberal hatemongers from disrupting the funeral. The official told ABC that the bombs were “slow burn” and would not have been very destructive- Via FOX.

A Liberty University student was arrested before the funeral today for Jerry Falwell with bombs in his trunk.
WDBJ7 reported:

Investigators say they found five or six explosive devices equipped with detonators in a Liberty University student’s car late last night. The student is now under arrest.

The Campbell County Sheriff’s office says 19-year-old Mark David Uhl mentioned to his family that he had made some devices and talked about coming to Reverend Jerry Falwell’s funeral. The family became concerned and contacted officials. Investigators say there was never any direct threat against the funeral or to the protestors outside it.

Major Steve Hutcherson says Uhl just completed his freshman year at Liberty. Uhl is from Amissville in northern Virginia.

Hutcherson says that judging by the items seized, Uhl “appeared to know what he was doing.” Uhl is charged with manufacturing an explosive device.

The sheriff’s office says there are indications that others were involved in manufacturing the devices and those individuals are being investigated.

WDBJ7 said the student had problems with the protesters outside of the funeral:


Sheriff Terry Gaddy described the five bombs as “sort of like Napalm” and they were about the size of soda cans.

Gaddy says he does NOT believe the Falwells were ever in any danger.

He says investigators had determined that Uhl had problems with the group that staged a protest across the street from Thomas Road Baptist Church where the funeral was held.

MSNBC has more on the student’s arrest.
ABC News has more.

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