Regime Beats Students With Chains- Arrests Student Leaders

MORE NEWS on the student protests and the violent crackdown by the pro-mullah supporters yesterday is being reported today…

An Iranian website, Autnews, posted this call for the regime to release Amir Kabir University student leader Babak Zamanian who was arrested last week by the regime!

Student protesters were severely beaten by pro-Ahmadinejad thugs yesterday while holding a protest for the release of Babak. ADN Kronos reported that about a dozen government supporters wounded with knives students who were staging a demonstration on campus. One of the protesters, Siamak Nadali is in hospital in a critical condition. There was a similar attack at the university of Lorestan, in western Iran yesterday.

*** Kamangir has a terrific roundup and background on these latest protests at the polytechnic university- the same campus where Ahmadinejad was booed and harrassed last December when he came to give a talk.


Here are some Amazing Pictures from the protest yesterday against the brutal regime at Amir Kabir University via Autnews:

** Kamangir translates the signs from the protest.
The sign above from the protest did not need to be translated.

Meanwhile the Western Media gets played (again) by the regime in Tehran…
The mullahs released photos of a pro-mullah rally today at Amir Kabir University denouncing the anti-regime (un-Islamic) literature that began floating on campus yesterday before Ahmadinejad’s thugs stabbed and beat on the peaceful student protesters with chains.

Iranian Fars News has several pictures from the regime sanctioned protest today after four publications appeared there carrying articles and a cartoon deemed disrespectful to Islamic values. The Khaleej Times reported on this other protest.

The Western media must have only been allowed to report on the pro-regime rallies.

Pro-Ahmadinejad Thugs Stab & Beat Student Protesters!

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