Padilla Jurors Get a Look at Al Qaeda Job Application

Tired of the Same Old Hum-Drum Job?
Looking for something with a little more bang?…
Maybe Al Qaeda Is For You?

Looking for a challenge?
Does “the man” got you down?

* Do you have a background in religious studies?
* Do you have the ability to give rousing speeches on jihad?
* Have you traveled to countries other than Afghanistan?
* Have you worked in the military?
* Have you trained in camps in Afghanistan?
* Do you have a background in explosives?


Well then, Al Qaeda may be for you!

It was reported today that one of the key pieces of evidence against Jose Padilla is an al Qaeda job application.

Here are a few pages of evidence from the Padilla trial:

Al Qaeda Job application -Page 1 of 11
Click the pages to Enlarge

Al Qaeda Job application -Page 2 of 11

Al Qaeda Job application -Page 3 of 11

You catch the drift.
It’s going to be hard for Padilla defense team to explain this one.

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