North Koreans Joke About a Dead George Bush At Start of Talks

Never mind that cracking a joke about Kim Jong Il will get you thrown into the gulags of North Korea…

Photo – MWC News
The military leader of North Korea opened talks with his counterpart from South Korea by cracking a dead Bush joke!
The Brisbane Times reported:

Lieutenant-General Kim Yong-chol told his South Korean counterpart yesterday, as they opened three days of meetings, that he had read the joke on the internet.

“US President Bush, distressed by the Iraq issue, Iran, the Afghanistan issue and the Korean peninsula nuclear issue, went on a morning jog,” General Kim began. “Mr Bush narrowly avoided being hit by a car by high school students who grabbed his arm. He asked one student if he could do anything in return, and he said he would like to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Asked why, the student said his parents would kill him if they knew he had saved Mr Bush.”

North Korea tolerates no jokes about Kim Jong-il.

Yuk… Yuk… Yuk.

** Snapped Shot has the appropriate comeback.


Meanwhile… A North Korean delegation arrived in Tehran last night for talks.

One Free Korea has the latest on the unraveling of the North Korean Agreed Framework.

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