Kansas Governor Sebelius Continues Spinning Twister Politics

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The Best video clip (19 seconds) from the manufactured catastrophe controversy in Kansas-

WGAL NBC shows flatbed trucks and hummers pulling into Greensburg as Kansas Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius whines about equipment shortages:

Powerline posted the Kansas governor’s response to the accusations that Howard Dean encouraged her to play politics with the Greensburg tornado tragedy:


I am outraged that the Quinn & Rose show has aired a report suggesting that my efforts to highlight the need to replace National Guard equipment lost in Iraq are inspired by anything other than my responsibilities as commander-in-chief of the Kansas National Guard. The accusation that I received a call from anyone, encouraging me to take on this issue following the devastating tornado in Greensburg, is one-hundred-percent false — period.

Making up stories like this, designed to turn the tragedy at Greensburg into some kind of political circus, is a shameful affront to the citizens of Greensburg and the citizen soldiers of the National Guard.

So, now we know… She wasn’t told to play politics- She just decided to do it on her own!
It must be an ingrained thing with democrats… See suffering people- Play politics.
SO who exactly turned the tragedy into a political circus?

It was Governor Sebelius who went in front of the press two days after the tragedy, after telling the Bush Administration that “she had everyting she needed, thank you”, and claimed that her rescue efforts were hampered because of the war in Iraq…
She did despite the fact that only 10% of available guard members were called in and only 10% of the Kansas Guard members are serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Just who is playing politics with those suffering in Greensburg, Kansas, Governor?
It is pretty obvious.

Glenn Reynolds has more on the controversy.

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