Iranian Workers: "Keep Your Stinking Nukes!"

The Iranian worker’s protest this week included this bold message to the mullahs:

“Keep your nukes! We need higher wages!”
Winston has the translation.

Meanwhile… It’s crunch time for the mullahs.
The masses are restive and the economic future does not look promising.
Resource Investor reported:

On 21 May, the long awaited next economic blow will strike when gasoline rationing goes into effect. Iranian drivers will be limited to three litres per day at the subsidized cost of 40 cents per gallon. They will be permitted to purchase more than the three litres, but anything beyond the limit will be at a higher price. What that higher price will be has not been announced.

Rationing is the final admission by the Ahmadinejad administration that the program of promised prosperity that began a mere two years ago has failed and has brought only inflation, hardship and unemployment. The president’s preoccupation with verbal warfare with the rest of the world has done nothing to improve the lives of the Iranian public.

Too late, he has seen the light. In terms of verbal fencing with the U.S. and Europeans, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s tone has changed. During an interview with Reuters News Service on the 23 April, he denied that petroleum would be used as a weapon and contradicted his Minister of Petroleum, Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh. He has agreed as well to participate in the coming Iraq Security Conference in Egypt to discuss the future of Iraq. He has gone as far as to state that he does not expect Iran to be attacked.

His statements to the outside world may reduce the level of tension, but his political survival does not depend upon what foreigners think. His survival will be determined by what Iranians do; and they have spoken already. President Ahmadinejad’s days are numbered. His failed policies have alienated the lower income portion of the population that had been is strongest supporters.

He ignored in December the discontent of the public when his faction was defeated in the local elections. In spite of the severe losses, he continued his confrontations with the U.S. and the U.N.

More shots from the worker’s protest this week in Tehran. (FARS & ISNA)


Maybe the latest economic news explains the calls for a new crackdown?

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