Iranian Woman Rips Off Veil in Public to Protest Regime!! (Video)

A very brave Iranian woman rips off her veil and imposed Islamic dress in public to protest against the Iranian Regime’s modesty laws!
Via Arymehr:
(23 seconds)

Arymehr also has video of the wild protests in Sweden against the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic’s during his visit to Stockholm this week.

The regime in Iran imposed strict new Islamic rules of dress on women this past month including covering their heads completely and hiding their body contours.

An Iranian woman talks on the phone in Tehran 23 April 2007. Police began a nationwide crackdown aimed at “guiding” women to adhere to the Islamic dress code, which requires women in Iran to cover their heads and bodily contours.(AFP/File/Atta Kenare)

A policeman warns a woman (R) about the state of her clothing and hair during a crackdown to ensure women adhere to the strict Islamic dress code at an avenue in northwest Tehran April 22, 2007. Iranian police have launched a crackdown on women’s dress before the summer season when soaring temperatures typically tempt many to flout the strict Islamic dress code, witnesses and Iranian state media said on Sunday. (REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl)


Meanwhile… Another women’s rights activist was re-arrested in Iran this week:

Zeinab Peyqambarzadeh reported to the Security Branch of the Revolutionary Courts this morning, Monday May 7th, after she received a summons in relation to her arrest in March. While the summons was written last month, it was only presented to her two days ago on May 5th, after which she is allowed three business days to appear in court. A few hours after entering the courthouse, Zeinab contacted her father, to let him know that she was being transferred to Evin Prison. (Rooz News)

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