HuffPo Puffers Suffer From Al-Gorian Assault on Reason

From today’s Huffington Post comes the Left’s silly defense of Al Gore:

“And Away We Go: As Al Gore’s Book Gathers Steam, So Does The Smearing.”
It took two of the Huff-Puffers, Dave Johnson & James Boyce to come up with this Al-Gorian defense.

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This is a not a new tactic on the Left- They tend to claim they are being “smeared” when you offer an argument. This is just a good example of how it works.


This is how it worked at the Huffington Post today:

On Thursday, Time magazine put up on its website an advance article of its cover story on Al Gore’s new book, with excerpts.

Immediately the right started the character assassination.

Why is it that any time you argue their nutty weightless talking points they claim you are “assassinating their character”?
Explain that.

How is pointing out something that was said (and posted on YouTube) 2 months ago, or 5 months ago, or 2 years or 5 or 10 years ago “smearing” that person?
If it were taken out of context, maybe.
But, if it holds up- it’s not a smear- It’s an argument.
And… Obviously the Left does not have an answer to the argument or they wouldn’t call it a smear.

California Conservative continues the assault on reason.

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