Father Sells Young Daughters in Ramallah to Rapists

A father in Ramallah, Palestine sold his young teen girls this month to two men who proceeded to rape them.
Maan News reported:

Palestinian police sources have reported a sharp rise in crime in Ramallah. The police in Ramallah governorate revealed that they discovered the corpses of two victims of theft and announced that a father sold two of his daughters.

The two girls, aged 13 and 15, were sold to two men aged 23 and 25, for 7,000 shekels (~$1,800 US). The two men who bought the women were accused of rape and luring minors.

Police sources also reported a homicide, in which a man, Ibrahim al-Bayrouti, went to Ramallah to conclude a transaction worth ~ $60,000, but his money was stolen and he disappeared.

Later his corpse was discovered with two bullet and several stab wounds and his leg had been severed with a chainsaw.

Blame it on the Jews.

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