Fatah al-Islam Family Members Shot Up in Lebanon Fighting

Family members & Fatah al-Islam leaders were shot up in fighting this week with Lebanese forces including the group’s leader and his son in law.

Fatah al-Islam leader Shaker al-Absi who was seriously wounded in his hand and his shoulder as a result of Lebanese army shelling. (Ya Libnan)

Fatah al-Islam’s #2 man lost his foot in fighting at the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp.
Ya Libnan reported:

Fatah al-Islam’s No. 2 man and son-in-law of the extremist group’s leader Shaker Absi has been reportedly wounded during clashes with Lebanese troops in the northern refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared.

The daily An Nahar did not identify Absi’s relative, but said his foot was blown off in the fighting.

As far as Fatah al-Islam being connected to Al-Qaeda, this Jordanian news item from yesterday pretty much confirms Shaker Al-Absi’s connections:

A senior security official said that Shaker Yousef al-Absi, the leader of Fatah al-Islam whose militants were involved in armed clashes with the Lebanese army in northern Lebanon for a second straight day Monday, is wanted by the Jordanian authorities.

The official told United Press International on condition of anonymity that the State Security Court had in July 2004 sentenced Absi to death, in absentia. He was convicted of terrorism and the assassination of a U.S. Agency for International Development employee, Laurence Foley, who was shot and killed in front of his residence in Amman in 2002.

Last year, two people — a Libyan and a Jordanian — were put to death by hanging for killing Foley, in which al-Qaida in Iraq leader, Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was accused of masterminding the attack. Zarqawi was killed in a U.S. air strike in Iraq last year.

The official said Absi does not have a Jordanian citizenship, but carries a Palestinian travel document and was living in Syria at the time of his trial and sentencing in the Jordanian court.

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