Family Refuses to Offer Up Girls for Payment in Ruling

Three-year-old Tasleem and four-year-old Farzana were given to a complainant as a penalty in a local ruling.
The family refused to give the girls up.
Now, the family is being threatened with death.

Stop Honour Killings and the Pakistani Daily Times reported on a sad story from Pakistan.
The family of two small girls is under threat in Pakistan for not giving up their baby girls as payment for a penalty brought before them.

LARKANA: The family of two small girls has been under threat for the past ten days after they refused to give up their daughters when a ‘jirga’ decided that three-year-old Tasleem and four-year-old Farzana be given as a penalty.

Both girls are of the Mirjat caste. Aijaz Mirjat, their uncle, said that the girls are from village Hamal of Taluka Warah in district Kambar-Shahdad Kot.

Tasleem is the daughter of Aijaz’s brother, Niaz, and Farzana is the daughter of Ali Asghar Mirjat. He said that a penalty was issued after karo kari was blamed on his brother, Ibrahim Mirjat.

He said that despite jirgas being illegal, one was held by an influential cast member, Wadero Athar Mirjat, during which he announced that the two minors should be given to the complainant as a penalty.

They are still being threatened to either accept the decision or face the consequences, added Aijaz. “But how can we hand over our innocent girls,” he asked.

A delegation from the PPP comprising MNA Anwer Bhutto, MNA Hizbulla Buhgio, and MPA Ayaz Soomro visited the family and the girls and assured them that that the PPP will help however it can.

Karo Kari in Pakistan is capital punishment for girls accused of causing disgrace to family honor and are killed as honor killing.

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