Bill Kristol Offers Advice to Republicans on Cutting and Running

FOX News analyst Bill Kristol offered advice to Republican members of Congress on joining with democrats and surrendering Iraq.

His advice was dead on:

“The idea that they will get credit for deserting the war at this point. They voted with democrats to support the war. They voted to fund the war. Now they’re going to what?… Vote to to withdraw to surrender and have the whole country dissolve into chaos and have parts of Anbar become a terrorist sanctuary.

Then they’re going to go to the voters, Republican Congressmen in 2008 and say ‘Hey re-elect us. We voted for the war. We voted to support the war. Then we voted to snatch defeat out of potentially the jaws of victory.’ It’s a ridiculous political calculation as well as a dishonorable one.”

Kristol: “The democrats are behaving terribly, but some of the Republicans are behaving foolishly.”


Considering that Al Qaeda announced it is planning a Radical Islamic State in Iraq after the US retreats, I hope that Republicans are listening.

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