Another Popular Baathist- Assad Wins Election With 97% of Vote

Those Baathists sure know how to field a candidate!
Bashir Assad won re-election as president of Syria on Sunday with an astounding 97.62% of the vote!
In Baathist tradition… Bashir was the only candidate on the ballot.
ADN Kronos reported the results today:

Basher al-Assad has been re-elected president of Syria with a massive 97.62 percent of the vote, the official Sana news agency reported Tuesday citing the interior minister. Voters on Sunday were called to either vote “yes” or a “no” for another seven-year mandate for al-Assad, who was nominated as the sole candidate by the Syrian parliament dominated by the ruling Baath Party and its allies. Interior minister Bassam Abdel Majid said Assad, 41, won with 97.62 percent of the vote and that turnout was almost 96 percent, with some 11.19 million Syrians casting their ballots.

This win by Bashir almost equalled Saddam’s big re-election win in 2002 with 100% of the votes cast.
Of course, we all know how that term ended…

Snapped Shot follows the celebration.

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