Ahmadinejad: "World Will Come Under Political Flag of Iran"


“Once Iran is established as a nuclear state,
All the world nations would come under the political flag of Iran!”

(I thought they said it was a peaceful nuclear program?)

Yesterday he threatened to eliminate the “Zionist Criminals”.
Today Mahmoud warns that… “The West will be defeated!”

After threatening to eliminate the Zionist Regime on Thursday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a crowd of supporters on Friday that Iran will defeat and humiliate the West!
Bazteb News reported:


President Ahmadinejad says Iran has been able to prove itself as a big power in the world thanks to its ‘resolute and talented’ youth.

“The presence of talented young people can revolutionize the country in cultural and scientific arenas,” he said addressing a crowd of people in the central city of Golpayegan on Friday.

“The western countries try to dampen the spirit of the Iranian youth but they should know as long as these firm young people are present, Iran will be independent of western powers and will defeat them,” he stressed.

Turning to the 28 year-long scientific and technological sanctions of the West against Iran, Ahmadinejad said, “The West imposed sanctions on Iran because they know if Iran acquires technology in different scientific fields, they will lose their grip on monopoly.”

“Iran has made its decision (to acquire this technology) and none of the world powers can stop the resolve of the Iranian nation,” the President stressed.

“The western powers can never harm the Iranian nation and any attempt in this case will bring them further humiliation,” he noted.

Iranian FARS News has more madness from Mahmoud:

The president further pointed out that all the world nations from west to east are tired of oppressions and cruelties and are looking for a new way for redemption, adding, “They should know that Islam is the only way of salvage and redemption for nations.”

Once Iran is established as a nuclear state, all the world nations would come under the political flag of Iran; enemies know this point and due to the same reason they have mobilized all their possibilities and capabilities to prevent this event from happening in Iran and in the world,” Ahmadinejad said.

And, there’s more from Iranian News:

“Had your missiles, warships and planes been able to do anything, they would have saved you from Iraq quagmire,” he said, adding, “You should know that the era of such acts is over.”

Pointing to Iraq occupiers’ claim of restoring democracy to the country, the president said that the bullying powers are unable even to save their troops from the quagmire…

Ahmadinejad termed the Zionist regime as the `prime terrorist of the world’, noting that the regime is falsely claiming of combating terrorism.

Zionists’ allies issue statement when leg of an animal breaks under a car, while keep silence against the regime’s crimes in the case of the Palestinian people, ridiculed the president.

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