Ahmadinejad Proves Any Fool Can Find a Poll to Back Them Up

(AFP Photo)
On the final leg of his trip to Isfahan Province Ahmadinejad backs up his claim that the world is backing the regime in Iran. How does he know this?… By citing some as-yet-to-be-published polling results. Mahmoud told the crowd the international community overwhelmingly supports the mullah’s nuke ambitions.
IRNA reported:

The enemies are not afraid of the Iranian nuclear technology but they are afraid of the nation’s rich culture, he added.

They are displeased with the use of nuclear energy by the Iranian nation in order to achieve progress, welfare, peace and development.

As to the opinion poll conducted in the world regarding Iran’s nuclear program, he said according to the poll, 70 percent of the world nations and western countries and over 90 percent of the independent and free countries have supported Iran’s right to acquire peaceful nuclear technology.

He further reiterated that the bullying powers should know that the Iranian nation will resist against their conspiracies and will support its legitimate right to make use of peaceful nuclear energy.

Well why not?
Maybe Mahmoud noticed how the Leftists in the West latched on to that bogus Lancet-Johns Hopkins poll for political gain.

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