Ahmadinejad Chides Germany For Believing Holocaust Myth


Ahmadinejad continued his disgusting attacks on Israel today chiding Germany for believing in the Holocaust myth.
Fars News reported:

He further pointed to a recent statement released by one of the EU countries on the worrying conditions of human rights in Iran, and said, “Do you understand human rights at all? You have suppressed your own people for 60 years and you adopt different measures, including arrangement of fairs and exhibitions and building of statutes, to convince them that their ancestors have been criminals all in a bid to give concessions to the criminal Zionists.”

“And if anyone of your people protests to the crimes of the Zionist regime, you will arrest him/her,” the president added.

He reminded the barbaric actions of the Zionist regime in the occupied territories, and said, “When big powers witness that a nation is echoing the cries of the oppressed Palestinian people, they accuse it of supporting terrorists.”

In an earlier speech on Friday Ahmadinejad again threatened Israel:

In another part of his speech, the Iranian president referred to the Zionist regime’s invasion of Palestine, and said, “If you think that by bombing and assassinating Palestinian leaders you are preparing ground for new attacks on Lebanon in the summer, I am telling you that you are seriously wrong.”

He further warned Israel that if this year it repeats the same mistake of the last year, it will have to face an angry ocean of the regional nations.

Ahmadinejad warned Israel that “60 years of invasion and assassination is enough. If you do not cease invasion and massacre, soon the hand of power of the nations of the region will rub you criminals with earth.

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