Wounded Missouri Soldier Honored at State Capital Rally

The Support Your Troops Event, the 75th anniversary celebration of the Missouri Veterans Commission – which serves more than 540,000 Missouri veterans – was held yesterday at the Missouri State Capital. 50 servicemen were honored at the event and 77 Missouri soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the War on Terror were remembered at the event.

Here is one soldier who was honored yesterday. Erica and Wes Schubert were married at Walter Reed Hopital earlier this year. (Submitted photo)

Wes Shubert was injured by sniper fire in Iraq late last year. Yesterday, he was one of 50 servicemen honored at the state capital.
The Jefferson City News Tribune reported:

Robert “Weston” Schubert clutched an engagement ring in his right hand as Erica entered his room at Walter Reed Medical Center.

He held it out to slide on her ring finger.

No words needed to be spoken in that solidifying moment between the 23 year olds who have been best friends since age 9 – they couldn’t have been spoken.

U.S. Army Spc. Schubert was recovering from an Iraqi sniper’s fire, which went through his neck and out his mouth. But he was relieved that Erica and his family were still by his side.

The Jefferson City couple wed with immediate family present at the Department of Defense hospital in Washington, D.C., Feb. 10. A formal ceremony is planned for October.

On convalescence leave, Schubert was able to accept a proclamation at the Capitol on Tuesday as part of the celebration of the Missouri Veterans Commission’s 75th anniversary.

Noticeably thin – he has lost 40 pounds since December – and with apparent facial injuries, Schubert’s peers of the past and present gave him a round of applause as a record of his service was read aloud.

Yet, Schubert – a recipient of two Purple Hearts – noted it was the older veterans, those who were applauding him, that he admired.

“When they read that a World War II veteran was in the infantry in the German theater, that tells me he’s gone through a lot,” Schubert said.

“People look at me like a hero, that’s fine. But I look to them as my heroes.”

George Lauer sent several pictures from the rally:

The bagpipes were playing.


Members of the Fusileers, the precision drill team from Mexico Military Academy, performed at the rally.
Congratulations to the heroes who were honored at the rally.

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