Tony Blair Welcomes British Hostages Home (Video)

Tony Blair held a news conference just minutes ago as the British sailors and marines held by Iran touched down in England in the background:
(3 minutes)

FOX News reporting.

The BBC has more on Tony Blair’s speech:

In a press conference given outside Downing Street as the plane touched down, Mr Blair said “no deal” had been done with the Iranians to secure the crew’s release.

He contrasted the rejoicing at the return of the crew with the “sober and ugly reality” of the deaths of four British soldiers in Iraq in what he described as a “terrorist act”.

And he repeated allegations that there were “elements of the Iranian regime” that were “financing, arming and supporting terrorism in Iraq”.

Although he said it was “too early to say” whether the UK troops had been killed by Iranian-backed insurgents.

The prime minister said the government had pursued a “dual-track strategy” of remaining open to dialogue with Iran, while “mobilising international support and pressure”.

That’s an ugly thought… Iran releases 15 British hostages while their weapons kill four British soldiers in Iraq!

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