Thousands Mourn Local Missouri Hero Killed in Iraq

Thousands of people… lined the route of the funeral procession for Army Sgt. Brandon Wallace on Tuesday. They were young and old. Veterans and students. They carried flags and signs as they stood in respectful silence.

Army Staff Sgt. Brandon Wallace, a 27-year-old who was scheduled to come home from Iraq in two weeks was killed by a roadside bomb in Fallujah. His family was notified this weekend.

He was preparing to come home and marry an Army specialist he had met and proposed to in Iraq.


The family met their son’s fiancee for the first time next week when she brings their son’s body home.

George Lauer and the Patriot Guard Riders escorted the body of Staff Sgt. Brandon Wallace from St. Louis to his hometown of Crystal City, Missouri.

George sends these pictures from the the funeral of an American hero:

Thousands of American flags waved in the wind, some held in the hands of those along the road, others planted in the ground and some draped across cars or suspended from fire truck ladders.- St. Louis Post Dispatch

Much Thanks to George Lauer and the Patriot Guard Riders for their service and comfort to the family.

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