The Virginia Tech Killer… Seung Hui Cho Lived In the Dorm


This is the killer

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Seung Hui Cho was a Korean student.
Cho was an undergraduate senior English major. He had a residence in Centreville, Va., but was also living on campus in Harper Hall.

The Virginia Tech killer lived in a dorm on campus.
FOX News reported:

Virginia Tech’s president said Tuesday that a university student was the gunman in at least the second of the two campus attacks that claimed 32 lives (plus killer) to become the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history.

Though he did not explicitly say the student was also the gunman in the first shooting, he said he did not believe there was another shooter. The gunman struck down two people at a dormitory Monday before killing 30 more people at a campus building and finally killing himself with a shot to his head.

“We do know that he was an Asian male — this is the second incident — an Asian man who was a resident in one of our dormitories,” university president Charles Steger said in an interview with CNN, confirming for the first time that the killer was a student.

Seung Hui Cho murdered 32 students before taking his own life.

More on Cho…
He left a “disturbing note” before entering a classroom building.
ABC News reported:

Cho was carrying a backpack that contained receipts for a March purchase of a Glock 9 mm pistol. Witnesses had also told authorities that the shooter was carrying a backpack. Police also Cho had a .22 caliber pistol. Sections of chain similar to those used to lock the main doors at Norris Hall, the site of the second shooting that left 31 dead, were also found inside a Virginia Tech dormitory, sources confirmed to ABC News.

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