The Tillman Tribunal: Democrats Aim At US Miliary & Score a Direct Hit!

The democrats publicly attacked the military today with an investigation that concluded months ago.
The liberal media lapped it up.

Democrats, in fashion reminiscent of Ghengis John, bashed the military today in a Congressional hearing with a couple of old news stories just to score political points.

Democrats Open Military Show Trials

Why democrats believe that a weakened US or a weakened US military is best for the future of its citizens is still not clear.

So… now we have a democratic Congress that not only refuses to fund the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and says their efforts are in vain, but openly attacks the military in mock tribunals.

If there was even an iota of evidence left that democrats actually support the military…
It was carpet bombed today.

Why in the world is Pat Tillman’s mother testifying to Congress?
Did democrats believe she was going to bring new evidence to the story of her son’s death?
Is Cindy Sheehan scheduled to appear tomorrow?

What is the purpose of such a show trial other than to degrade the military?
Why is this so important to democrats?
Why is this necessary during wartime?

Today’s show is about as sick and disgusting as you will see coming from Congress!

How does a weakened US military help this country and help democrats?
What on earth are they thinking?

How about…

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