Suspected Virginia Tech Shooter… Is NOT the Shooter!

This man is NOT the shooter!

This is not the killer.

He is a pro-gun advocate from Virginia Tech:

Coming out. I am not the shooter. Through this experience, I have received numerous death threats, slanderous accusations, and my phone is out of charge from the barrage of calls. Local police have been notified of the situation.

My original intention was to wait until I got AdSense on my site and donating all the proceeds to Charity. However, this situation has now spiraled out of control. I am now confirming that I am not the shooter. I will be available for interview by a news agency to clear my name, talk about the experience, and give my opinion on how the situation could have turned out better if other students were allowed to be armed. I will only speak with individuals who are interested in donating to charities resulting from today’s events. Please e-mail all correspondence to [email protected]

More… Via Edouard at LGF:

One “SHARPSHOOTER” on a message board at the above link (the site: is claiming to have sold the shooter his gun. The poster claims a visit by the ATF to his shop today and calls the person in question “Mr. Cho”. Lists his hometown as Roanoke, VA.

Bryan at HotAir adds this from the Black-rifles website:

Call BS all you like, but I just spent the last several hours with 3 ATF agents. I saw the shooter’s picture. I know his name and home address. I also know that he used a Glock 19 and a Walther P-22. The serial number was ground off the Glock. Why would he do that and still keep the receipt in his pocket from when he bought the gun?
ATF told me that they are going to keep this low-key and not report this to the tv news. However, they cautioned that it will leak out eventually, and that I should be ready to deal with CNN, FOX, etc.
My 32 camera surveillance system recorded the event 35 days ago. This is a digital system that only keeps the video for 35 days. We got lucky.
By the way, the paperwork for Mr. Cho was perfect, thank God.

Patrick Ishmael sends this on “Cho” from Roanoke:

Thought you should see this. Found on FB using “Cho” and searching Roanoke. No idea if this means anything, but check out the picture; if nothing else, it appears concerning given the circumstances… if you’re interested, I can pass along the first name, too, though of course, it could all mean nothing.

A Chinese website is claiming that no Chinese were among the dead on campus.

Cattt says there are over 900 Chinese students at Virginia Tech.

There is a website started “God Bless Virginia Tech” for students and for those looking for students at the campus.

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Michelle Malkin is up late updating.
HotAir has a very long thread on the shooting with many updates.

At Least 32 Dead in Virginia Campus Shooting!!!
Europe’s reaction to the tragedy is just sad.

Update: From the Chicago Tribune:

“They said Cho also died with the words “Ismail Ax” in red ink on the inside of one of his arms.”

Craig adds that “Ismail bin Jafar, the religious figure of which Ismaili Shiah Muslims follow and are named after.”
This may mean something, or not.

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