Shatha Hassoun Cries For Iraqis & Unites a Country

Think about this…
On an average day in Iraq “150,000” text messages are sent.

On Friday night over “7,000,000” text messages were sent out from Iraq voting for Shada Hassoun in the Pan-Arab Star Academy competition.

** That’s like one out of every four Iraqis sending a text message in one day!


Sunnis and Shia alike came together to make Shada Hassoun and Iraq the winners for that one night anyway!

Hundreds of Iraqis are gathered around a big screen set up outside in Iraq on Friday night.
Watch and see the crowd erupt when Shada Hassoun wins:
(Video 1 minute 38 seconds)

Shada brought Iraq together this spring…

Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun (C) celebrates after winning the Arab version of the French show Star Academy, in Adma north of Beirut, March 30, 2007. Shatha, who delighted compatriots by winning the Arab talent show, is dreaming of performing in Baghdad and bringing more joy to her war-ravaged country. Picture taken March 30, 2007. (REUTERS)

Shatha Hassoun, “Daughter of Mesopotamia”, Cries for Iraq and Unites Them:
(2 Minutes)

Shada will obviously being crying a great deal more after democrats pull the US out of Iraq and allow her blessed Mesopotamia to become a slaughter house.

Singer Shada Hassoun Unites Iraqis (Video)
After a Tearful Iraqi Ballad, Shada Hassoun Unites Iraq Winning Pan-Arab Idol!

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