Senior Taliban: "Osama Bin Laden Is Overseeing Operations in Iraq"

Let’s see…
Democrats say they want to leave Iraq to go fight Al Qaeda
So what will they say about this?

Did Osama just throw a wrench into the democratic plan to flee Iraq?

Top Taliban official, Mullah Dadullah, told Aljazeera in an exclusive interview that Osama Bin Laden is still alive and is directing operations in Iraq.

An undated video grab shows Mullah Dadullah, top Taliban commander, at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan. Afghan and NATO troops have surrounded more than 200 Taliban insurgents and Mullah Dadullah might be among them, a senior Afghan security official said on Tuesday. (via RVN/Reuters)


Reuters reported this news just minutes ago that Osama Bin Laden is not only alive and well, but it overseeing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden is orchestrating militants’ operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, a senior commander of Afghan Islamist group Taliban said in remarks broadcast on Wednesday.

Bin Laden has not made any video statements for many months raising speculation that he might have died.

“He is drawing plans in Iraq and Afghanistan… Praise God he is alive,” Mullah Dadullah told Al Jazeera television.

In September, a French newspaper quoted French foreign intelligence service as saying the Saudi intelligence were convinced bin Laden had died of typhoid in Pakistan in August.

Dadullah said bin Laden ordered the attack on February 27 at the U.S. Bagram base during a visit by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney to Afghanistan.

“Do you remember the martyrdom operation inside the Bagram base which targeted a senior American official … this operation was the result of blessed plans put by him,” Dadullah said. Jazeera said the U.S. official Dadullah was referring to was Cheney.

“He (bin Laden) guided us through it,” he said, adding that no Afghan would have been able to penetrate the base if it was not for the world’s most wanted militant.

About 14 people were killed, including one American and one South Korean soldier in the suicide bombing which militants said targeted Cheney. A U.S. official then said Cheney was about half a mile away on the base and was not in danger.

Dadullah also told Aljazeera that Osama planned the attack in Afghanistan against Vice President Cheney and that the Taliban has obtained a significant amount of explosives:

A team featuring James Bays, Al Jazeera’s Afghanistan correspondent, met some Taliban fighters in Helmand province standing on top of a burnt-out Nato military vehicle.

A cameraman attached to Bays’ team was taken to a separate area where the Taliban showed him a store-room of explosives, which were in the process of being converted into anti-tank bombs.

The Taliban fighters also said they possess anti-aircraft weaponry, although they did not permit Al Jazeera to film such equipment.

“Thanks to God we have good guns … we are ready all the time to face them [Nato and Afghan government forces] in a battle,”

Do you suppose any Republicans will mention this the next time that democrats push a bill to flee Iraq?

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