Rosie O'Donnell F-Bombs at the Matrix Awards

Rosie O’Donnell (F)bombs at the Matrix Awards “women who are changing the world” held at The Waldorf Astoria Grand Ballroom.

Obviously… This type of hate speech is OK with Hillary Clinton who was sitting there enjoying herself with Arianna Huffington and the other ladies.

Via the O’Reilly Factor

Rosie also dropped a couple F-bombs during the luncheon- via HotAir.


Michelle Malkin is reporting this morning that Rosie is quitting “The (liberal America-hating) View.”
Lorie Byrd has more on this breaking news.
Ace has more on “Eat Me” O’Donnell.

UPDATE: Here’s some poetry from Rosie’s Blog about introducing Rupert Murdoch at the Matrix Awards Titled “WTF”:

i wimped out
i introduced him
without screaming

we all should be screaming
at this point
the guys reporting the news
have a financial stake in what they sell

war makes money
for all except the soldiers
who give all
4 democracy

as capitalism
slices open a vein
of another 20 year old



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