Regime Cracks Down on Music… Top Iranian Rapper Reza Pishro Arrested! (Video)

Unlike American rappers, Iranian rappers sing about the Persian empire before it was “invaded by Arab bedouins to be converted to Islam”.

Hichkas is one of the Iranian rap groups targeted by the regime.

Iran continued its “moralization” campaign this week and is now targeting underground musicians.

The regime is going after the most popular underground rappers.
ADN Kronos reported:


Police in the Iranian capital Tehran are cracking down on underground musical groups in a ‘moralization’ campaign which kicked off over the weekend. Security officials carried out raids on three unauthorized recording studios and arrested six members of three diferrent rap and rock groups who had not received the green light to play from the ministry of culture and Islamic orientation. Among those arrested is a top rapper, Reza Pishro, who is very popular among young Iranians. His illegally sold CDs are best selling hits across the country.

For the past two days, police have also been patrolling the apartment building of another star of Iranian rap music, Soroush Lashkari of the Hichkas (Nobody) group, who is at large to escape arrest. The latest album of the Hichkas, “the jungle of asphalt“, is considered homage to the Persian empire before it was “invaded by Arab bedouins to be converted to Islam” as one of the group’s lyrics says.

This is one of the raps by Reza Pishro:
(3 minutes 26 seconds)

The Hichkas also have several tunes out on YouTube.
They appear to be very popular.
Like American rappers, though, they use the n-word lots (?)

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