Mullah Friends & Apologists in the US "Outed" at Front Page

Front Page Magazine published an important article today by Hassan Daioleslam on the apologists and friends of the Iranian regime working right here in the United States…

“Iran’s Oil Mafia”

It is an important essay on what many Iranians in the diaspora have suspected for some time… That there are Iranian regime supporters working right here in the United States and doing the bidding of the mullahs back home.

Trita Parsi

I received two different emails on this amazing piece today.
One American-Iranian wrote this:

For years Iranian activists have talked about the below mentioned individuals and groups, trying to inform people of the actions and operations they have spearheaded on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran; but because these individuals and groups are endowed by millions of dollars and have made a sport of attacking and threatening those who speak of them with frivolous law suits. The first of such cases was written up by Robert Spencer in this September 2004 article. And now as you see, some of the same people named in the Spencer article are being named once again, quite clearly, below.

Speaking for myself and a number of other Iranian activists, I can say that we are delighted that this information is finally getting out. I urge you to read this article carefully and commit the names of the people cited, to memory so that when you see them on Fox, CNN, MSNBC or wherever else, you know who they are and what their objective is. Unfortunately the media has still not figured out that these people are NOT who they claim to be.

And here is another email that was sent earlier discussing the Front Page story:

Please expose this vast network lobby financed by the Islamic Republic on your site.

Then there was this that was posted at Bereft today on the mullah apologists:

I woke up this morning to this wonderful expose of one of the most deceptive propaganda arm of the Islamic Republic in the West, the largest Iranian-American organization in the US, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC).

The true nature of this group headed by the mullah’s voice, Trita Parsi, is finally exposed…

Furthermore, I might add that I have seen Trita Parsi plus being paraded around by CNN, PBS and NPR as a “Middle East” expert and he has also become the darling of the rabid left who often cite his propaganda to back up their assertions in anything supports and relates the murderous mullahs’ agenda. Trita Parsi et al are extremly dangerous because they have an uncanny talent to torture logic, facts and reason to mind-bending extremes in order to have clueless politicians (Baker, pelosi et al) to believe monumentally ridiculous “explanations for terrorist acts committed by the IR”.

It is obviously a great piece to get this kind of reaction.
Read the whole thing HERE.

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