Lynn Swann May Run for US House Seat in Pennsylvania

Former Pittsburgh Steeler great, Lynn Swann, may run for a seat in the US House.

Swann announced that he is thinking of getting into the race next year.
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports:

Former Pittsburgh Steelers star Lynn Swann said Thursday he is considering a run for Congress.

Swann, a Sewickley Heights Republican who lost his bid last year to unseat Gov. Ed Rendell, would challenge freshman Rep. Jason Altmire, D-McCandless, in the 4th Congressional District next year.

Swann told The Associated Press yesterday that he is thinking about running.

“I think what he is doing right now is very similar to what he did in the governor’s race,” said Ray Zaborney, who managed Swann’s gubernatorial campaign. “He is collecting information, weighing it and deciding what to do. Right now Swann is listening to people, but I don’t think that he has made up his mind politically right now.”

Swann Makes Play for Pennsylvania Governor
(…with Super Bowl video highlight! Hah!)
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