Logically, Libs Lose to Bush, But Their Media Spins Them Ahead

Liberal writer for the Washington Post David Broder wrote a ridiculous piece this morning:

“Time for A Bargain On the War”

Liberal opinion writer David Broder
Here is a slice of David:

In the continuing battle between the Democratic Congress and the Bush administration over policy in Iraq, logic is on the Democrats’ side, but the crucial political leverage belongs to the president. It behooves the realists in both camps to recognize what the troops and the country have at stake — and negotiate a compromise.

Whoa! Hold up, lib!

Sorry… Logic is definitely not with the libs on this one.
Control of the media?… Yes!
Doing the wishes of Al Qaeda, Iran, Al Sadr and Syria?… Yes!
Ignoring the the successes on the ground?… Yes!
Disregarding history?… Yes!
Ignoring military brass?… Yes!
Disregarding the democratic government of Iraq?… Yes!

Logic?… Sorry, David.

** You didn’t hear Broder squawk much when the Clintons saw more than twice the military fatalities in peacetime than we’ve witnessed on the battlefieds of Iraq and Afghanistan in 5-plus years?

(Based on total fatalities as of March 23, 2007)

** You don’t hear Broder squeal much about how all of the pre-war liberal predictions failed to play out, do you?

** You don’t hear Broder explain how a failed Iraq is best for America do you? Or does he agree with Representative Rangel– that it won’t affect us?

** You don’t hear Broder talk much about what would happen to the Iraqi people if the US withdraws in 120 days like the libs would like, do you?… Or, does he just not care for the post-war Iraqis, either?

If foreign policy was decided by fickle-feelings and opinion polls, David Broder might be correct.

Thankfully that isn’t the case today.
Thankfully, President Bush is not a lib.

More Liberal Toying with Troops:
The president invited democratic leaders to discuss the war with him today.
After all of their ranting about “Bush needs to listen”… They turned him down.

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