Legislation Promoting Life Passes Missouri House

Missouri Representative Dr. Bob Onder (pictured below with the “teen eagles”) sends this news from the Missouri House:

On April 23, 2007 the Missouri House approved legislation to formalize support for programs promoting alternatives to abortion. House Bill 1055, sponsored by Rep. Therese Sander (R-Moberly), also brings abortion providers under the umbrella of state regulation, and modifies sexual education requirements school districts can choose from.

Since the 1990s, state legislators have used the appropriations process to fund programs that provide alternatives to abortion—prenatal care, educational services, job training, transportation, and other services—to women during pregnancy and for a year after childbirth. House Bill 1055 establishes the “Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Services Program” in state law, solidifying support for services that help pregnant young women. A public outreach program to inform Missouri women of alternatives to abortion services is established under HB 1055. It also allows the state to contract with entities which provide alternative services. By coordinating through a state agency, women can access services from one place. “There’s no such thing as an unwanted child,” said Rep. Cynthia Davis (R-O’Fallon). “There are couples who want to adopt. There are people who are looking for how they can help. And this is a way of connecting women with answers.”

Under HB 1055, abortion providers will be subject to the same regulations as other ambulatory surgical centers. Rep. Sander has previously said this is a needed change. Rep. Sander pointed to the need for inspections for safety and sanitation that at present do not apply to abortion clinics.

The “teen eagles” stopped by to visit Rep. Dr. Bob Onder this week.

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