Karl Rove Assaulted By American University Liberals!

Today’s campus news…

Karl Rove was attacked by a mob of young indoctrinated Leftists after his private speech last night at American University.

The liberal students, no doubt, think that chucking garbage at conservatives is their indispensible right.


Here’s the video of the insanity:
It looks like a freekin riot!
(20 seconds)

No one was arrested after they pelted him and surrounded his car and would not let him leave!
Fox News reported on the assault:

WASHINGTON — White House adviser Karl Rove was confronted by more than a dozen protesters who blocked his car and threw things as he tried to leave a speaking engagement at American University, officials said.

Rove was attending a guests-only discussion of electoral politics Tuesday night sponsored by the American University College Republicans.

“It was their last meeting of the year, and Mr. Rove spent about an hour with the students,” said Maralee Csellar, a university spokeswoman. About 150 people attended the event, which was limited to invited guests.

When Rove tried to leave a campus building, he was confronted by more than a dozen protesters who surrounded his car to prevent it from leaving, Csellar said.

“They were throwing unknown objects at the vehicle,” said Secret Service spokeswoman Kimberly Bruce. She said members of the Secret Service asked the protesters to move. When they continued to block the vehicle’s exit, campus police were contacted.

Campus police lifted some of the demonstrators from the asphalt and carried them out of the vehicle’s path so Rove could leave the campus. There were no arrests or injuries, police said.

HotAir has more details from the security personnel involved.
Confederate Yankee explains the difference between acceptable and insane.
The Jawa Report offers a bit of history on the university.
Weasel Zipper has the predictable violent reaction from the nutroots.

Meanwhile… Three Yale students, including two foreigners, were arrested for burning an American flag hanging from someone’s porch last night.

Thank goodness… The officials at Saint Louis University know when to clamp down on protesters… conservative counter-protesters, that is!

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