Kansas City Star Makes Up News… Puts Bush in Imus Camp

Well, they both are white.
And, they both do wear cowboy hats!

In an article at the Kansas City Star on Friday, writer Anita Dixon claimed that Bush said Imus was “his favorite radio show.”

Not only is this completely fabricated but anyone who listened to Imus the last 6 years would know that he is one of the biggest Bush-bashers in the mainstream media.
This was just gross.


The Kansas City Star carried this on Friday:
AS I SEE IT | Our hair is a reflection of our pride and heritage

It was a decision I made about three years ago. To lock my hair. It was one of finally acknowledging that my hair was an extension of my heritage and should reflect the pride and strength I felt for being a black woman. Nothing against those who don’t lock. Madame C.J. Walker made us powerful beyond measure for being versatile in our expressions of beauty. It was personal. Born out of the need to connect, to be unique within myself.

Don Imus had no idea what he had unleashed when he made his “nappy-headed hos” comment about the brave women of the Rutgers basketball team who had defied every stereotype that plagues black women in this society. They were in college, drug free, childless and striving to succeed. But they were demonized, vilified by a racist misfit with a plantation-overseer mentality; he only cracks the whip for the owners.

Remember, President Bush said this was his favorite radio show.

It was not just the statement, but the implication that being “nappy headed” makes one less a person, an object to be ridiculed. For this country is of the mind-set that black women are the most dispensable people on the earth. Africa and the AIDS virus overwhelmingly demonstrate this. Imus truly felt he was on safe ground. I am certain he was just calling himself “one of the brothers” because of the pervasiveness of the gangsta rappers to use the word “ho” or “whore.” I am certain he felt a kinship to this misogynistic sickness that has invaded our country because, face it, hate sells.

Anita J. Dixon is director of tourism for the Kansas City Black Chamber of Commerce’s newly formed Cultural Congress.

Thanks to Kitty Crouch for forwarding this outrageous article:

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