Iraqi Terrorists Excited About Democratic Congress

Michael Totten has another amazing post from northern Iraq, the Kurdish region, where life is normal for Western standards and the people are pleading with the United States to finish the job.

“As a military person, I am disturbed by what is going on in America now,” he said and jabbed his finger in the air. “They want to withdraw their troops.” He banged his fist on his desk. “We want the Americans to stay. Why are people thinking like this?”

“I want you, as a reporter, as a journalist,” the general said to me, “to get our Kurdish voice to the American people so they know about Kurdish suffering in Iraq. We don’t want the American army to leave this area. The terrorists are excited about what is going on in the Congress.

…”What do the Kurdish people think of George W. Bush?” Patrick said.

“He is a friend,” said General Karam. “He has done everything for the Kurdish people, for our rights. He is a friend. And he is not going to leave us…”

“We believe if the Americans withdraw from this country there will be many more problems,” he said. “The Sunni and Shia want total control of Iraq. We are going to get involved in that. Iran is going to be involved in that. Turkey is going to be involved in that. Syria is going to be involved in that. The Sunni and Shia fighting in Baghdad will pull us in. We are going to be involved. Turkey and Iran will make problems for us. It is not going to be safe. All the American martyrs will have died for nothing, and there will be more problems in the future. Americans should build big bases here.”

Michael Totten has much more of the good news that the mainstream media refuses to report.

In related news… The Opinion Journal has a report on the real civil war going on in Iraq today.


And… This wonderful good news from Iraq reported at ABC News was sent my way yesterday:

Hat Tip Andy Stewart

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